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Solutions for industrial safety of machines and processes

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Schmersal, a world leader in industrial automation and security solutions, trusts Olguitech for the development of its products.

Industrial security

The range of products covers industrial safety, including a complete line of safety relays and controllers with various functions to ensure worker safety, safety switches or emergency stop due to cable traction or breakage (pull wire switches), safety switches with or without interlocking for control of door opening preventing access to risk areas, security sensors for access monitoring, photoelectric light curtains or gridst o limit access to risk areas using infrared light beams between emitter and receiver, laser system for machines, complementary elements such as carpets, Pedalboards, pushbuttons, bimanual control, mechanical protection bars.

Explosive atmosphere

Also Ex line for environments in classified areas with more than 50 products that include pushbutton stations, limit switch keys, audible or visual alarms, safety relays, pass boxes and centralizers among several others.

Schmersal has been present in the elevator market for more than 70 years. Schmersal has helped make elevators the safest means of transportation in the world since 1945, when it was founded in Germany. Schmersal is an official supplier of the main elevator manufacturers in the world, where it is recognized and awarded as a company of excellence in quality and service. With more than 40 thousand controls installed around the world, Schmersal has the most complete portfolio of solutions and products on the market, standing out for its high capacity and flexibility in customizing projects and products, according to the client's needs. From internal selection button panels with location indication, complete command panels (with or without engine room) and specific solutions for passengers, forklifts, racks, and escalators. It also offers the lift2cloud system that allows maintenance personnel to access elevator data remotely to know status, operating data, receive alarms and thus optimize maintenance time.

Machine automation

Complete solution in products for the automation of machines that includes push buttons, indicators, beacons of various configurations, limit switches, isolating keys and power switches for electrical circuits, power supplies, controllers or programmable devices (PLC), inverters (or variable speed drives ), pedalboards and bi-manual command, sensors (inductive, photoelectric), among several others.
Control systems

Practical and complete solution to satisfy the need for international regulations (NBR12, IEC, etc.) for small machines with motor starter and safety elements in a single compact panel with development of a pre-designed solution according to the type of machine and development of customized solutions
heavy industy

Wide range of solutions for heavy industries such as mining, steel, etc. Special limit switches for conveyor belts, relays or counterweight keys, level keys, solutions for the agro-fertilizer industry (especially designed to withstand chemical agents). Schmersal offers safety systems and solutions worldwide for all stages of the raw materials process chain, from raw material extraction to handling and processing. Wide range of rugged, industry-specific, outdoor-compatible switchgear that is particularly suitable for use in harsh environments and operates reliably in even the most extreme conditions. In addition, fieldbus solutions can optionally be integrated to network the different switching equipment over long distances.
Food and Beverage

For the food industry, Schmersal offers a broad product portfolio of safety switches and control systems that meet the requirements of "hygienic design" and are certified according to industry specifications (e.g. Ecolab, EHEDG, FDA) . Products designed specifically for this area meet water, detergent and temperature resistance requirements. Many safety switches in the range developed especially for the food industry are made of stainless steel, a material particularly suitable for the industry due to its hygienic properties and robustness. Schmersal supplies, among others, safety sensors, magnetic locks, position switches and control devices certified according to ATEX and IECEx directives. Since organic dusts are flammable under certain conditions, dust explosion protection regulations must be observed when filling and storing powdered foods or their preliminary products (e.g. flour, baking mixes, coffee and cocoa powders).

The high demands regarding product safety and reproducibility of production processes are the main challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. Typical applications include mixing, granulating, freeze drying, coating, sterilizing, filling, closing, sealing, cleaning and packaging. Personal and process protection as well as hygiene have the highest priority. A wide range of hygienic safety components is offered, unique in the market. Our products also have the necessary approvals for hygiene-sensitive areas, such as Ecolab and EHEDG. An example is our hygienic safety photoelectric curtains, which reach the IP69 protection level. This series is resistant to H2O2, making it suitable for aseptic or sterile manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, where vaporized hydrogen peroxide ensures high product safety. In addition to other hygienic components, there is also a wide range of safety sensors and magnetic locks in hygienic design, which can be connected in series and transmit extensive diagnostic information to a higher control system.

For access and area protection, we offer various system solutions that are suitable for different robot systems, such as: touch and non-contact protection devices, safety sensors, fieldbus systems and safety logic. The specific portfolio of solutions meets all requirements of the C standards DIN EN ISO 10218-1 (industrial robots) and DIN EN ISO 10218-2 (robot systems and integration).