Auxiliary relays, trip relays and other for electrical and railway application

Complete solution for all needs

Wabtec is a company that has been manufacturing solutions, systems, equipment since 1869, and is known for manufacturing relays for use in the industry. Under the Mors Smitt RMS brand (formerly RMS RPL and Mors Smitt) it has relays for the most demanding applications in the electrical industry. Among them:
Supervision relays

High performance electromechanical relays for supervision, tripping, specific auxiliaries relays for the electrical industry. Among them we highlight fast acting relays of up to 7 micro seconds, auxiliary relays with 2, 4 or 8 high reliability contacts, tripping relays, blocking and bistable relays, voltage and current measurement relays, delayed energizing relays. or deenergization, magnetic blow relays for inductive loads (special for DC use), manual reset relays, wide bay relays (0.7 to 1.25 Un), sockets with different types of connections such as screw or cage, and a variety of options such as Front LED, push button reset, EMF diode
Some relay samples

In addition, compact electromechanical trip supervision relays, trip circuit supervision, automatic reset relays and bistable relays, ANSI 84 and ANSI 94 relays, fast relays, load change actuation relays (burden), magnetic blown contacts, front green led for health monitoring, with mounting options on DIN rail, flush panel, 19" rack among other delta flex platform
Delta with individual or modular mounting

Fast acting TCM relay with 4 to 16 contacts (magnetic blowout), with bistable or auto reset versions, LED indicator with optional manual reset, trip supervision relay included, trip voltage supervision relay included, optionally with trip supervision acting circuit.
TCM relay

ALFA platform with High burden relays for high safety operation, low burden version for limited power applications, with continuous voltage operating range from 50% to 125%, high speed with very low bounce time, flexible contact arrangement, magnetic arc blast or magnetic blow for high inductive loads, clear cover and pull-out style design for quick maintenance, mechanical flag indicators, and more
ALFA platform

Touch-Safe Test Terminal Blocks, Color Coded 14 or 28 Independent Test Groups, Compatible with Industry Standard Test Plugs and Blocks, Optional Auxiliary Supply Isolation Circuit, Front Panel Circuit Identifier, Mount panel or rackmount, conforming to IEC 60255, optional test jack to block polarization system
Test blocks

Fast acting protection relays against arcs, ideal for use in metal clad or air insultaed switchgears among others.
arc fault

Interfaces with 1, 2 or 3 arc monitoring optical sensors, single or dual sensors with various configurations with flush or hole mounting, even large area sensor up to 40 meters, with various models of monitoring devices from 1 to 16 sensors  with different types of mounting.
arc relays and sensor