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DGA Dielectric Oil on line and off line Dissolved Gas monitors and analyzers

DGA dielectric oil dissolved gas analyzers for continuous monitoring or sampling (field or laboratory) with the highest precision on the market, local service certified by manufacturer.

Sample Analyzers  
Field or lab sample analyzer with results in two minutes
Field or laboratory analyzer capable of giving results in 2 minutes. The AGD Dielectric Oil Dissolved Gas Analyzer (DGA) for samples (field or laboratory use depending on model and optional) Myrkos is a powerful chromatograph that offers repeatability equal to or better than what required by ASTM D 3612 or IEC 60567 by analyzing 9 dissolved gases separately (the 7 fault gases plus oxygen and nitrogen) in less than 100 seconds. Myrkos in a portable gas analyzer (DGA) that analyzes gases that occur in a transformer when a problem develops. Unlike other similar products, Myrkos is as reliable as a laboratory instrument and provides real repeatability and reliable results. With its Shake Test™ system it offers results in less than 2 minutes. The ppmreport™ software included allows the management of data in a friendly way and make reports in a few minutes. Allows measurement of the following gases with laboratory accuracy Hydrogen (H2), Oxygen (O2), Nitrogen (N), Methane (CH4), Ethane (C2H6), Ethylene (C2H4), Acetylene (C2H2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Continuous or online analyzers
calisto 1 and calisto 2
While Calisto 1 continuously measures hydrogen (key gas to anticipate failures) and moisture, Calisto2 allows continuous online monitoring of dissolved hydrogen, carbon monoxide (paper aging) and moisture, allowing premature fault detection and cellulose degradation monitoring to be combined in the same product. It is a highly stable measurement system by analyzing each gas separately, which eliminates untimely actions. It has integrated DNP3.0 and Modbus communication (optionally IEC 61850). Its measurement system, patented, ensures on the one hand a representative measurement through the circulation of the same and allows the use of oil treatment machines without damaging the equipment. Additionally the Calisto are interchangeable, which allows in a park of several machines to use Calisto 2 in standard and change it for a Calisto 5 or 9 in case of key gas increment.
Calisto 5
Calisto 5 allows to monitor five gases continuously and of each gas separately to anticipate the failure in your assets and avoid cost of unserved energy. With Calisto, laboratory technology has been transferred to field devices, achieving high precision and reliability in low-cost equipment. It allows the realization of the DUVAL triangle by continuously measuring the fault gases Methane, Ethylene and Acetylene, adding Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide (already present in Calisto 2) as well as moisture. The Calisto tolerates vacuum application given its gas separation technology, has a powerful oil recirculation pump, a novel system of adaptation of sample temperature and internal temperature in the equipment as well as a self-calibration system that does not depend on experts or laboratory. Its native DNP communication and IEC 61850 (optional), its simplicity of installation allow it to be easily integrated into any existing system, whether local or to remote control / telemetry / SCADA network
Calisto 9
Calisto 9 is the top of the range that allows a complete dissolved gas analysis by measuring the fault and atmospheric gases continuously and each gas separately, to anticipate the failure in your assets and cost of energy not served. Laboratory technology has been transferred to field devices achieving high precision and reliability in low-cost equipment. It allows the continuous measurement of Methane, Ethylene, Acetylene (therefore the Duval triangle can be used), Ethane, Carbon Dioxide, adding Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide (the last two already present in Callisto 2) as well as moisture. Sulfur hexafluoride can optionally be measured.
Calisto R9

Calisto R9, launched at the end of 2022, incorporates a patented method called differential infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy (DIPAS) and also using hydrogen's own thermal conductivity allow the monitor to accurately read even small concentrations of dissolved gases. Add Oxygen by specific sensor, nitrogen and humidity. Manteiene also the best of Calisto technology. Its proven gas extraction system, oil circulation by pump immune to dirt that does not require filtration, its regulated tempertur among others.