Trasformadores de corriente ópticos electrónicos (EFOCT) y transformadores de tensión electrónicos (EVT) hasta 750 kV

Tecnologías profesionales de fibra óptica


Category: Power devices

Electronic Optical Current Transformers (EFOCT) and Electronic Voltage Transformers (EVT) are the ideal solution either for measurement, protection and/or power quality applications in existing installations (as a replacement for conventional transformers). or incorporate measurement in places where conventional equipment cannot be installed due to distances or physical topology) or new ones up to 750 kV.
 Optical current transformers have sensor elements made of thermostable SPUN fiber optics that, when subjected to current, due to the Faraday effect, see the usual conditions modified. Through the use of linear reflective interferometer and electronics, the through current is calculated. There are a lot of advantages in using this technology. From the point of view of the physical installation of this equipment, the variety of alternatives and ease make it the ideal equipment. Even when you want to add a current measurement at a point where there was no provision for a pedestal or column, it can be installed on a switch or other existing equipment safely, quickly and easily.

Flexible up to750 kV (bushing, bus bar, etc) ------------- Busbar (optic fiber comes attached to isolator) -------In isolator mounted
Another advantage is that a single sensor pair allows it to be used for measurement, protection, power quality (IEC 60044 or IEC 61869 for example) or any combination of these thanks to its extended dynamic range. If the customer wishes, redundancy can also be added (second set of sensors, redundant electronics, etc).
 Also, unlike conventional current transformers, they do not saturate and are ideal for transient measurement. These equipments do not require the necessary merging units when you want to have a digital substation. It is known that the saturation of the conventional transformer is amplified by the error of the merging unit. The EFOCTs allow to implement IEC 61850-9-2 simply (or 2LE) and directly without the need for external units. Finally, the measurement continues to be done independently for each phase without interference from one to the other.
The electronic unit that is part of the solution is of modular construction. It allows the flexibility of adding or removing modules to cover whatever the customer needs or the installation requirement. It has IEC 61850 communication modules with redundancy (multiple process buses and 61850-9-2 independently), time synchronization modules (ptp, pps), among several other qualities and facilities. Interoperability has been tested with the world's leading manufacturers of digital devices, which guarantees its subsequent integration.
 For their part, electronic voltage transformers (EVT) are made up of capacitive dividers (without an inductive component) mounted on an insulator. An electronic digital analog converter is part of the solution. Through fiber optics they are connected to a processing unit that can be housed in the field or in a control room. They maintain the modularity of the electronics and ease of integration
EVT typical mounting solution

Como parte de las alternativa posibles se puede proveer solución combinada con EFOCT y EVT en un mismo montaje. 

EFOCT y EVT en un mismo conjunto de montaje