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Treatment (dehydration, purification, regeneration) of transformer oil

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Enervac, since 1978, is a leader in the treatment of transformer oil -dielectric, natural and synthetic. The origins can be traced back to 1885 when Bowser Inc. began manufacturing a charcoal dispenser. In 1969 Bowser was bought by an oil purification company. In 1978, ENERVAC Corporation was born, acquiring the fluid and air treatment division from Bowser. Since then, equipment with a high level of engineering and high performance has been developed. ENERVAC helps solve one of the most important tasks in the industry: recovering resources. The responsibility to conserve the environment has become a demand for our solutions in handling liquids effectively and efficiently.

We know that the manufacturing of transformers has changed and there is a need for purer and better quality oils, with less water content and better dielectric properties. Proper treatment will improve the insulating and cooling properties. ENERVAC systems improve fluid properties regardless of the type of oil used, based on more than 50 years of continuous investment.

High performance transformer oil purifier / degasification
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In various formats, either stationary or mobile, with or without a protective enclosure, and with units ranging from 50 gallons/hour to 6,000 gallons/hour (from 180 liters/hour to 23,000 liters/hour), the E865A improves the properties of new and used insulating fluids whatever the type of insulating fluid used. The high vacuum process dehydrates and degasses, removing free and dissolved moisture and removing both free and dissolved gases and particles from the fluid. In addition to transformer oil, whatever its type, it can be used in vacuum pump oil, brake fluid, and refrigerant oils, including phosphate esters and silicones, among others. The exclusive system developed and patented for the elimination of gases avoids formation of foam. Designed for demanding applications.

High performance transformer oil purifier / degasification

The EHV high vacuum system is used to dehydrate and degas insulating liquids for electrical use including transformer oil (dielectric oil), polybutene and silicone fluids to increase and maintain their dielectric resistance. Processing includes the removal of free and dilute moisture, dissolved and free gases, and particulates. There are also solutions for degassing of media cable insulating oil. high and extra high voltage including polybutene. Like the E865 model, there is a wide variety of options that adapt to the user's requirements and are designed according to their requirements, covering 200 to 23,000 liters/h.
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Portable degasification and purifiers
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Mounted on a hand transportable cart with 25cm wheels for automatic operation without the need for attention. Ideal for distribution transformers, pad mounted, bushings, conservators and others of small or medium volume. The 865C is the best option.

Circuit breaker oil purifier

Extend the useful life of your circuit breakers, automatic voltage regulators and other devices by using the E858M, certified for transport as a mobile element (high vibrations), allowing user to recover oil, remove oil or fill your breaker, removing traces of carbon, water and foreign particles. With a capacity of up to 230 litres/min, designed for continuous use with 2 micron filtration, it is the ideal solution.
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On line on load TAP changer purifier TFS2
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Specially designed to eliminate carbon and metallic particles typical of on load TAP changers of power transformers produced by the arc during load transfer from position to position, reducing maintenance and repair costs, extending useful life and ensuring greater continuity of service.

Fuller's earth filter E575A
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Removes acids and soluble contaminants from the surface by adsorption method (process by which particles, atoms or molecules are retained on a surface), increases the interfacial tension and reduces the power factor to desired levels. The protection ensures a clean effluent. The E575A comes in various configurations, sizes, stationary and mobile models. It is specifically designed to remove soluble contaminants such as acids, waxes, gums, resins, asphaltenes, sludge, carbon residues, and colloidal particles from lubricating, hydraulic, sealing, tempering, and insulating oils. Surfactants, resins, traces of free water, and by-products of oxidation can also be effectively removed in aviation, automotive, among others.

Transformer oil regenerative plants E575R

Enervac's oil reclamation plants provide all the benefits of Fuller soil treatment without the associated problem of contaminating sludge disposal or the high cost of replacing saturated soils. At the end of the useful life of the regenerative medium, which is 300 to 500 times greater than Fuller earths and must be changed between three and five years of use, it is simply disposed of in the environment without risk thanks to its exclusive system. In addition to the adsorption filters, it degasses and returns the oil to virgin conditions. Available in stationary version or in cart for transport.
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Regenerative plant with PCB removal

Through the innovative and patented PCB removal system, Enervac offers a cost-effective solution to restore and reclassify transformer oil. EPA / MOE approved, mobile, field-enclosed system. Capable of treating oil with up to 7000 ppm PCBs to achieve levels below the detection level (2 ppm). The chemical process reverses the process by which PCBs were generated. A small amount of molten metallic sodium dispersion is added to dehydrated and degassed insulating oil in a mixing tank. A reaction occurs converting the PC's into harmless compounds, common salt and some hydrocarbon residues. These are removed from the oil as sludge by a centrifuge. The sludge is PCB-free and can be disposed of anywhere as non-polluting standard industrial waste. The resulting oil has properties comparable to new oil, meeting ASTM standards and can be used in electrical equipment. The technology has been proven to treat more than 25 million liters of oil since 1982 and was approved by the U.S. EPA and Canada's Environment Directorate.

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Sistema de secado de transformador ENERDRY
System view

New online drying system to extend the useful life of the transformer. The equipment remains in service while it is being processed (no cutting required), at a low cost, through dehydration. It maintains a low level of moisture in oil even in those that do not admit vacuum application. The system does not use paper filters. It can include an oil level monitoring system, hygrometer, touch screen with recording and visual indication of trends in time, sending email / sms in case of alarm, among others. It does not degas so the "footprint" of the transformer is not lost as it happens with other similar systems