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Category: Flare gas metering

Flare gas measuring equipment for the most demanding applications

Accurate and reliable measurement even under toughest conditions

Fluenta relied on Olguitech to develop flare gas measurement solutions in the region. With more than 35 years of experience in the gas and oil, chemical and petrochemical, liquefied gas (LNG) markets and has thousands of installations worldwide.

Currently, where caring for the environment is a priority and there are global agreements to reduce emissions, both the industry and the control agencies have a new challenge and through the use of Fluenta, which allows the flare gas to be measured accurately by any Whether the composition of the outlet or section, they manage to monitor and reduce emissions. Using ultrasound measurement technology and thanks to its patented method of measurement, Fluente is a worldwide benchmark for environmental protection agencies.

Exploration for oil and gas remains the critical industry for energy supply. The oil and gas industry has to deal with some of the most dangerous and toxic materials in often challenging and hostile environments. Safety and accuracy are not only essential prerequisites to successful projects, these values are ingrained into the DNA of the oil and gas industry. For example Oil and gas platforms need to release gases safely. This may be to reduce sudden increases in pressure, or to ensure safe plant start-ups or shut-downs. Same happens with refining plants. Releasing potentially toxic gases into the air is more risky and less environmentally safe than burning gas through a flare stack. The Environmental Agencies worldwide estimated that when gas is flared rather than vented, the emissions of volatile organic chemicals and hazardous air pollutants could be reduced by around a factor of 4 (four). To comply with safety regulations and government emissions standards, flare stacks need to be monitored. Fluenta has 35 years expertise in the accurate measurement of flare gas. Using ultrasound technology combined with patented measurement techniques, Fluenta’s products are recognised globally for their accuracy and reliability. Fluenta’s products have been deployed thousands of times across the globe including with trusted oil and gas brands such as BP, Exxon, Shell, Equinor, and Total. Our commitment to R&D means that we are constantly improving the accuracy of our product range, delivering innovative technology to the market