Making a high-voltage asset available for testing is increasingly difficult and cargo dispatches require this time to be minimized. Assets in the electricity industry must be in service and therefore we must evaluate them periodically. The Doble M7100 High Voltage Asset Analyzer is the complete solution for high-voltage testing that thanks to its unique design allows to significantly reduce, involvin one third of test times improving safety and reducing errors
The M7100 automates multiple tests that were previously performed using different equipment. This can reduce the testing time that was previously done in seven hours to perform them in an hour and a half. Thanks to this, workers can make the most of downtime periods and perform more maintenance tasks during the hours previously dedicated to testing. The reduction of downtime of the asset causes the investment to be recovered  within the first year

Uses the same software with artificial intelligence as the M4, unique in its kind, which guides you not only in how to do the test but in the analysis of results, even being able to compare your asset against other similar assets.