Signal conditioners protect signal transfer between field devices in safe zones and control systems by galvanically isolating the loop. Especially in the case of long transmission paths, signal conditioners prevent offset currents that can be generated in the ground loops. In addition, signal conditioners offer effective protection against electromagnetic disturbances or dangerous overvoltages in signal loops. Depending on the type, signal conditioners offer additional functions such as limit switching, transformation of field signals into standard signals, and signal separation, which means a doubling of the input signal. We invite you to see more of the offer:


The K system consists of signal conditioners for signal transfer between the control system and the safe area, as well as isolation barriers for communication with field devices in hazardous areas among other applications.
Wide range of isolation barriers and signal conditioners for mixed applications
- Modules for universal power supply
- Reduced wiring with power rail
- Removable terminals
- Numerous modules with approval for marine applications and SIL evaluation

K system

SC System

The SC system is a product family of signal conditioners for non-hazardous applications on the field side. Modules for analog and digital signals Transmitting power supplies, isolated amplifiers, passive isolators, signal converters and switching amplifiers 24 V DC supply Step-down of wiring thanks to the power bus

Sistema SC